Northeast Health Partners (NHP) was initially founded by two Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and two Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC). These initial founders have decades of providing services to the under-served communities and Members of Region 2. NHP, along with these nonprofit entities, have committed to improving the lives of the communities we serve through high quality, accessible care. NHP, with our founders and community Board members, believe that local communities are in the best position to make the changes that are cost-effective and will improve the health and quality of care for all Members.

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Sunrise Community Health
Salud Family Health Centers

Centennial Mental Health Center
North Range Behavioral Health

Organización de servicios administrativos:

Carelon Behavioral Health


Sunrise Community Health

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Chief Executive Officer:
Kari Snelson, LCSW, CHC
Director financiero:
Tom Grimmer, MBA
Director clínico:
Mark Wallace, MD
Director de operaciones:
Brian Robertson, PHD
Oficial de cumplimiento:
Kari Snelson, LCSW, CHC
Chief Information Officer:
Wayne Watkins
Director de Mejora de la Calidad:
Brian Robertson, PhD
Population Health Program Coordinator:
Alexandra LaCalamito, MPH, BSW
Chief of Clinical Operations:
Jennifer Hale-Coulson, MA, LPC
Director de Gestión de Utilización:
Laqueda Bell, RN
Administrador del contrato:
Natasha Lawless, Licenciada en Derecho
Administrative Manager:
Laura Cornell, BA
Quality Manager:
Chantel Hawkins, CCMA, BA
Project Manager:
Jennefer Hubbard-Rolf, BS
Business Intelligence Analyst:
Diamila Konate
Community Engagement Specialist:
Raina Ali, MBA
Regional Healthcare Transformation Coordinator:
Joanna Martinson, RN
EDIA Officer:
Child and Youth System of Care Manager:
Care Coordination Director:
Presidente de la Junta:
Mitzi Moran, directora ejecutiva
Salud comunitaria Sunrise
Vicepresidente de la Junta:
Dante Gonzales, Executive Director
Centro de Salud Mental Centennial
Secretario del consejo:
Kim Collins, Chief Executive Officer
Salud del comportamiento de North Range
Tesorero de la Junta:
David Madsen, vicepresidente de finanzas y contabilidad
Salud Family Health Centers
Board Member:
Susan Armstrong
Board Member:
Celeste Ewert
Board Member:
Jacque Frenier
Board Member:
Suzanne Salman