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Cover All Coloradans: Expanded coverage for pregnant people and children

Coming in 2025: Expanded health coverage for pregnant people and children, known as Cover All Coloradans, will expand Health First Colorado and CHP+ benefits to children and people who are pregnant regardless of their immigration or citizenship status. Pregnant people will be covered for 12 months following the end of a pregnancy, and children will be covered until they turn 18. Learn more about the new Cover All Coloradans benefits.

If you want any information on this website sent to you in paper form, please call us at 888-502-4189. We will send it to you for free within five (5) working days.

As our Member, you can ask for information in large print, Braille, other formats or languages, or to be read aloud. You can also request American Sign Language for your treatment needs. These services are free. You can call 888-502-4189 to request these services. For TDD/TTY, call 800-432-9553 or the State Relay 711 for help in contacting us. These calls are free.

1 in 4 Coloradans are covered by Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program). Coloradans from across the state and all walks of life get their health care from Health First Colorado, including people who never thought they’d need public health insurance. Emery’s parents were used to the challenges of farm life, but taking care of their daughter was a new challenge. Watch Emery’s story and listen to Health First Colorado members tell in their own words how Health First Colorado was there to help. Other Health First Colorado members want Coloradans to know that they may qualify for quality health care coverage. Learn more at