Psychiatric Consultations

Colorado Psychiatric Access and Consultation (C-PAC):

Colorado Psychiatric Access and Consultation (C-PAC) is an innovative program addressing many of the challenges faced by primary medical care providers, families, patients, and behavioral health clinicians in finding the right treatment for behavioral health conditions. C-PAC uses an integrative approach to offer a system of behavioral health consultation, psychiatric medication consultation, training, clinic visits, and coordination with a network of behavioral health clinicians to help prescribers meet integrated healthcare needs.

C-PAC envisions a future for patients in Colorado where their unique healthcare needs are met in a comprehensive way by highly qualified professionals.  We support this vision with the following activities:

  • Assist in improving access to behavioral healthcare treatment
  • Promote systematic, evidence-based behavioral health screenings
  • Increase the capacity of primary care providers to deliver mental health care independently and in a team with local specialists when needed
  • Develop well-functioning primary care/specialist relationships among primary care providers and psychiatrists
  • Assure that scarce specialty psychiatric resources are directed toward patients with the most complex and high-risk conditions.

The primary components of the C-PAC program are:

  • Psychiatric Consultation – “curbside consultation” between primary care medical prescribers and a psychiatrist as scheduled or within 30min of request (8am-5pm, M-F, excluding holidays). Consultation with an adult or child psychiatrist provides rapid access to needed advice, reduce demand for subspecialty appointments, bolster decision-making and expertise, and realign resources with need.
  • Behavioral Health Referral/Care Coordination – Often additional behavioral health services are recommended either prior to starting medications or alongside medications.
  • Education and Training – Structured training on some of the most common behavioral health topics such as diagnosis, assessment tools and treatment planning. As well as psychotropic medication training and case consultation completed with the teleconsultants who receive the consultation calls.

To request more information or if you are a PCP and would like to become enrolled – please contact the C-PAC Supervisor at 719-579-7897 or check out the website at